Friday, February 17, 2012

Power vs. Empower and the Bitchy Personification

empower - To give authority to; to authorize
Syn: enable - 1. To make able; to give (one) strength or authority sufficient for the purpose.
2. To make practicable or easy; as steam and electricity, enable rapid transit.

Power - 2. A faculty, as of thinking or willing, of hearing etc. ; a mental or physical function; as to use all his powers in an effort to succeed; the power of procreation.

Two things I enjoy greatly in this life:

One, words, which in turn leads me to a liking of dictionary definitions and more words.

Two, analogies. The task to create examples in benefiting those around you (and yourself) with understanding through comparison.

Empower is to a leech


Power is to a wolf

Okay so a leech and a wolf are from completely different sides of the spectrum. Different species, different. . . well different everything. I think when going for the SAT style comparison/question they are supposed to bare some resemblance to one another. I was trying to bring as much negative feelings for empower to the table as possible. Did it work?

I don't know about you, but it would seem these days we as women are bombarded with the idea we need to be empowered. Now matter how you do it, you must facilitate this quality in your life to be a woman of today. Where did this notion come from? We are not gods to be 'alterized' and then have sacrifices and virgins lain at our feet, watching in sheer amusement and satisfaction as such 'gifts' empower us with their fear ridden offering. Am I painting a bad enough picture? Empower to me is a call for us to be walking solar panels (leeches) for the cause of. . . women? No, ourselves. Let me tell you if you need empowerment everyday, to get you through your day, you've got issues; self-image, self-esteem, self-god complex. . . do I need to go on?

Then there's power. Does the word caress your tongue and send shivers down your spine? Men and women alike have fought and died for power, the ultimate semblance of I am in control. Who can blame them really? To wake up and know I have power, well that's enough to make me a super hero. Power, where as it is sought just as empowerment, is earned. It is a crown gained (depended on your century) by blood, sweat, tears, devotion, respect, honor, etc.

I'm often struck by the idea that women are not so much bitchy as they are forced to be bitchy. What could be construed as a fight for empowerment through the satisfaction of this attitude, is more I think a woman's inner self calling out for power. After all in our own homes we are given the power to cook what we want, clean and organize our house the way we want, and go about our daily tasks the way we want. When it comes to the work place, we try, we even fight for this same pattern with the daily tasks of our job. We desire to take these tasks and go, power feeding us just as it does at home. Power equals control and control equals a job well done. A balance that once disrupted, we are bound by our womanly ways to strike out. Who can blame us when forced into positions we can't help, but run with it? Yet the moment things begin to fall apart because someone, another woman even, deigns to take our power from us, we are labelled a bitch or control freak or even anal. I wish I could say or even see a happy medium to the situation, but I can't. You will never have the power of decisions in your work place that you do in your own home. You can be queen of the castle (home), but among the work force trying to implement your queen of the nest, natural feeling, by trying to attain it through power plays or by proving your self as an empowered woman. . . it is not going to happen. I know I'm saying "Damned if you do and damned if you don't," but you will find with me that a woman's best bet is to be a keeper of the home.