Sunday, January 22, 2012

Meet Fritz and Maverick

Have you ever heard the verse (some may call it a saying) “Even a fool is thought wise when he is silent”? There is another saying that comes to mind in my own life “A fool is thought wise if he takes care to surround himself with wisdom.”  I’ve never actually heard the phrase; I coined it for this post. I expect to see the revenue check in the mail.
The instance to say you know wisdom is a rare thing, in my opinion. Yet I feel I know wisdom in the form of 3 men. Two of those men are Fritz and Maverick.

I’ve known Fritz my entire life. Quiet wisdom sits on his shoulders, a welcome and humble companion. He often sits in the corner of a room, pipe in hand, cuffed trousers crossed at the knee, in deep silent contemplation. Yet you know beyond any doubt he listens to every word you say. He reminds me very much of a British gentlemen.
Then there is Maverick. I’ve known him a shorter time (6 or 7 years). I don’t know if our differences made us instant friends or our few shared interests struck up our alliance. Maverick’s eyes tell you that he is always thinking … about dozens of things at once. Rather he is computing as a machine, plotting one step ahead. His words are quick and hard to catch and at times difficult to grasp. Yet I know he makes great effort to speak on a level my less informed (not stupid) mind can understand.  Though he claims he is more machine than human this very action humanizes him far more than others I know.
You may wonder why I speak of men and their wisdom. Well I’ve been contemplating what makes some men attracted to this mode of thinking that a woman, confident, opinionated, pro-woman, (even feminist) my personal favorite “Empowered” and career oriented is alluring and desirable. Thus enter Fritz and Maverick.
Maverick thrives on the very traits I mention above. Often times I have spoken with him and listen as he praises and appreciates women’s ability to embrace such lifestyle choices. During these conversations I find myself wondering: What makes him want to be my friend?  It he knew the full scope of my opinions, would he be so eager to listen to me? Many of my beliefs have not scared him off yet, but others would have the power to have me tarred and feathered in this day and age. I would like to ask him “Maverick, why does this attract you to women”? In my limited (extremely) experience with men I find they have liked the idea of a quiet, hardworking,  (I know you’ll hate this word) and submissive wife. It brings a level of respect and as comforting as an embrace for them to have such a woman. Yet Maverick for all intents and purposes, wants nothing to do with such a woman. Does he think they are weak?
Fritz, well he greatly enjoys any chance to indulge in meaty discussions, woman or man. However, something tells me he has mo taste for the pro-woman type. If you were to find yourself in a room with him, you would see that you are not his equal based on sex, but rather your ability to communicate deep thoughts with a calmness that is nearly otherworldly. He is not the dominant sort and would never lord maleness or intelligence over you. I see him much as the fatherly sort coming alongside to give guidance, in a kind manner…never forced on you. He is in fact doing some research for me. I would ask him the same question as Maverick. “What attracts some men to the overly confident woman and others not”?
I’m sure neither man would like a quiet, hide behind the scenes type. That is not even what I think a woman should be. There is much to be said for a woman who can claim intelligence, respect, and a form of success even, yet retain the true sense of femininity, to be a woman.  A woman who garners such things with quiet strength and dignity.

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